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Furniture Express is a fully licensed and insured "all-purpose" delivery/moving company that was started in 2004 by Mark Goewey when he realized that there was a significant need for a specialized service like this. Mark has worked in the delivery industry for nearly 12 years and during that time, he has developed an understanding for how the delivery business should be managed. Mark and his staff have over 20 years delivery experience in the Greater Rochester area handling product for most of the larger retail stores. All of the Furniture Express staff have clean driving records and have gone through background reviews.

Customer care will be the primary focus of Furniture Express as the delivery is the last contact the customer usually has with a representative of the store. If that experience is bad, it is likely that the customer will not return for future business. But, on the other hand, if the delivery is handled promptly and professionally, it may not only save the sale, but generate more. Furniture Express has a fleet of vehicles that will be running routes in and around Monroe County on a regular schedule. The idea behind this is that if we keep a predictable pattern, it will be easy for our customers to use our service as they will know in advance where and when we will be going to the target area. Unlike with direct delivery staff, we will usually be "going that way" with other product, so adding product from your store to our truck will not be any impact to us and it will not cost you any more because it's long-distance...we were going there already...

Because Furniture Express was created based on first hand experiences and observations made by the owner while working in the furniture delivery arena in the Rochester area over the past 10 years, we are very confident that you will recognize the gaps and realize that our service will be extremely beneficial to your business. By utilizing our "as needed" delivery/moving service, you will be able to reduce if not eliminate the following problems...

  • Not enough direct delivery staff to move the product in a timely fashion during peak times like special order arrivals or sales events.
  • Not enough direct delivery staff to augment for vacations or sickness.
  • Reduce the amount of customers denied delivery because they are outside of your delivery zone.
  • Use our resources to deliver those out of area sales so that your delivery staff can continue servicing your local customers without impacting their timelines.
  • Use us to free up some out-of-store time for your delivery staff so they can prep the next days deliveries, do product moves, receive freight or do warehouse work without having to pay the overtime because they were on the road doing those long deliveries.

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